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Dream homes free from noise

The UK Website Plentific has published a survey on how noise sources impact peoples interest in a dream home.

As you can probably guess, NoiseNet concurs with the importance. But there are some things they have missed. Firstly, a dream home will always avoid noise sources. The reality is that 99% of buyers don't buy their dream, they have to compromise, and noise is part of that compromise.

My own survey suggests that noise is underated before people buy (at item 5-6 on the pick list). But is #1 or #2 in terms of the most significant issues after buying. I also think that it is more often the unknown noise sources that are the biggest issue. Things like Air-conditioners, Dogs, Noisy Neigbours or unexpected traffic noise.

Anyway, noise can't be ignored when you are buying. Let NoiseNet help you avoid this risk.

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