Noise Rating

Our simple 1 (quiet) – 5 (loud) rating gives you a clear idea of how loud a specific property is, this saves you hours of listening to its noise levels.

How does it work?


Enter the address of the property you are interested in, your name, and your email address.



We will send you a confirmation email with the property address, followed by an email between 1-5 minutes with the rating of the desired property. 


*The rating will be a number between 1 (quiet) and 5 (loud) 


Have a look at our Sample Noise Rating, to get a better understanding of our product.



We are really Sorry!
But unfortunately not enough people were prepared to buy our ratings.  So now we focus on resolving noise problems for those who have bought a noisy house.




We have shut down our noise rating service for the time being.  If you need a rating ($60) please put your details below and we can run the report for you.



If you do buy a noisy property.  Then feel free to get in touch with us to help resolve the issue.  Our noise monitoring services start from $250.  Jump here to give us the details


We will get back to you as soon as possible, but the system is no longer automated so it could be a day or few.

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