Noise Complaint Resolution

Resolving noise complaints is hard.  It creates tension, friction and for many people they don't get the result you want.  Working out where to report the noise, what information to provide them, and when to chase them up is critical to resolving the complaint.

NoiseNet is the quickest way to getting your noise complaint resolved.  Fill in the details in our form and we will get started on finding you a solution.


Prove your noise problem - Monitoring

By installing a NoiseNet fixed noise-monitor at your property, We can gather all the data needed to give you the best chance of resolving your noise complaint.


At the end of a nominated period of monitoring, the results will be consolidated into a report for the complainant, detailing the frequency and sound level of the specific noises. 


We can also make the report (and supporting data) available to authorities to assist in determining an enforcement action and can assist in ensuring it is followed.

Total Complaint Management

Too busy, too exhausted, too stressful?  NoiseNet can take complete control of your noise complaint*.  We protect your anonymity, deal with the regulator, the noisemaker and find you a solution.

Contact us or visit our FAQ page. 

Complaint Noise Monitoring


Progress Report: Yes

Sample Duration:  2 weeks extendable

Noise Sources Covered:

Targeted source for specific complaint type

Noise Sources Excluded:

Qualitative indicator of other noise types provided, but without analysis

Day/Night (24/7): Yes

Exceedance Monitoring: 

Assessment of frequency, duration and

noise levels by calibrated but

uncertified monitoring device.
Aligned to relevant standards for noise type and geographical location.

Noise Type Identification: Identified by noise

Phone Consultations: Yes

Required: 240V Power &
ifi (or data charge may apply)


*Total noise complaint service is only available where supported by applicable regulators in specific geographical locations and for certain types of noise complaint. We will discuss this with you once we have more details about your noise issue.



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