NoiseNet is a Brisbane based start-up helping people prevent and deal with noise. 

The CEO Stuart Clough has experienced it himself, it only takes one intrusive noise source to significantly impact a property. NoiseNet receives calls from people on a daily basis where noise has become a nightmare, and it's hard to fix. 


Intrusive noise comes from all sides:  Traffic, aircraft, nearby businesses, schools or other public facilities, neighbours and their pets, air-conditioners or pool pumps, trains, entertainment or sporting facilities, industrial areas and the list goes on.


"Most people we talk to have their own horror story about Noise at some point in their lives. Usually, they check that one factor when they move again but to really minimise your risk, you need to check out all the factors"

Jon, Acoustic Lead

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Francine, PR

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Stuart, CEO

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Eva, Marketing Lead

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Matt, CTO

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Wilmer, Tech

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Our Mission 

Our mission is to build and deploy world-leading noise monitoring, analysis, and reduction processes on a global scale to deliver life-changing benefits to our customers in their living environments. 

Our Vision 

NoiseNet is striving to become a global leader in shaping a quieter world. Through measuring and analysis on a global scale, our Net will drive better decisions, contributing to quieter, healthier, lower stress environments in which people can enjoy living and working.

Our Goals

To build the most sophisticated noise monitoring technology, allowing intelligent analysis of noise signals, providing unparalleled information without compromising privacy. 


NoiseNet is passionate about our customers, here are some of those who have worked with us, and in many cases significantly contributed to the development of our technology.  We encourage you to talk to them about their experiences.

Get in touch with us if you want to see why they support us.  An initial trial can be arranged. We know it works because our customers continue to come to us for support in resolving their noise issues.


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